Who documents and how represents women's experiences is one of the principal issues for feminist ethics. In this context, the politics of experience is a resistance aimed at rethinking and dismantling hegemonic forms of thought.

Filmmaking as a means of feminist resistance - is the main theme of the 2023 edition of the feminist film festival From Rosa to Simone.

This year's film program focuses on the works of female and non-binary directors, where the authors offer a unique representation of their own experiences and those of the protagonists.

During the festival, together with the participating directors and the audience, we will discuss filmmaking as a practice of documenting experiences, of producing alternative memory and of holding a dialogue between women separated in time and space.

These contents become particularly resistant to the given dominant order, which offers linear, ahistorical and empty meanings of progress, development and freedom.

This year's program is presented by the Women's Initiatives Support Group as part of the campaign Touchpoints - Why We Need Intersectional Feminism?

Screenings will be held at Amirani cinema, Hall 3, on March 3, 4 and 5. Screenings start at 17:00.

From Rosa To Simone

March 3-5, 2023


Retrospective of the documentaries by Lia Jakeli /Georgia/

17:00 - Vachnadze Street
18:10 - Dadu and Lana
18:30 - Talk with a documentary filmmaker Lia Jakeli


Short films in two sessions /Ukraine, Georgia, Iran/

17:00 - Digging
17:30 - Weather Forecast
18:00 - On being Dziapshipa
18:10 - Talk with a filmmaker Anna Dziapshipa
19:00 - Gut Feelings: Fragments of Truth
19:15 - The Sparrow is Free
19:30 - Mothers Apricot Compote
19:55 - Letter to an Unborn Child


Animations and Documentaries /Iran/

17:00 - Minuet For A Disappearance
17:10 - And Their Eyes Were Not Watching Us
17:15 - Dream of Silk
18:30 - Harat