The second day of the festival will bring vampires, mermaids, monsters, and other bodies into the light. The films shown on March 9 will question the specificity of the horror genre and its conventional understandings. The second day will deconstruct stereotypical archetypes of the monster that have delimited states of normality and pushed everyone else outside of the frame.


A girl walks home alone at night

(Ana Lilly Amirpour 2014, 104’, USA, Iran)

In the shadows of Bad City–a lawless hellhole, inhabited by underworld figures, drug users, and pimps–a lonesome vampire wanders around. Dressed in a hijab and a striped t-shirt, she follows local villagers. One night she meets Arash. The fablelike drama offers a powerful symbolic display of feminine power and outlaw charm and at the same time is a dark comedy that promises a lifetime of neuroses.



The Mark of Lilith

(Bruna Fionda, Polly Gladwin, Zach Mack-Nataf,1986, 32’, UK)

A white bisexual vampire, Lillia, is trapped in a monotonous cycle with her vampire partner, Luke. Her encounter with Black lesbian Zena, who is reading about goddesses across religions and cultures and thinking about the horror film genre, pulls Lillia out of a state of bad faith.




(Natalia Escobar, Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau, 2022, 30’, Germany, Columbia)

In the middle of the Colombian coffee region, Aribada, the resurrected monster, meets Las Traviesas, a group of indigenous transwomen from the Emberá tribes. The magical, the dreamlike, and the performative coexist in their unique world and fashion their own future. 


The Layer

(Ruth Jenrbekova, Maria Vilkovisky, Kazakhstan)

The auto-narrative film tells us about a queer couple and “Layer’s” reproductive story, its challenges and oddities. 


Sopo Kobidze's Exhibition

Sopo Kobidze's photo series tells a visual tale of vampires living their daily lives, which seems to be no different from the existence of "humans". The “Foreign Bodies” captured in the lens, seamlessly integrate into the surroundings, assuming various roles, sharing dreams, and even cutting hair. This series seems to tell a story about the intersection of differences into a single narrative.
The book tells us about the lives of people related by one sign. Similar spirits will cross the paths.
Sopho Kobidze (Born in 1987) is a Tbilisi-based Artist. Her main working mediums are painting, drawing, photography, and installations. Besides she works on production design. She’s one of the founders of the multidisciplinary art organization Obscura Platform based in Tbilisi Georgia and an artistic-run space KURORTI also based in Tbilisi Georgia. 


The Lure

(Agnieszka Smoczynska, 2015, 92’ Poland)

With its original soundtrack, the lure is an absurdist genre experiment, verging on musical and horror. You can practically taste the melancholy of national sentiments, salt water—and the blood.